Theresa, 40, Paarl-I am going to pick one between the first two guys who SATESPACE ME. Be the first and I will give you my WhatsApp number and be your sugar mama

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There are women out there who are rich and still silent about it, yes, we exist. SATESPACE will prove me right. I am generally a quiet woman but I got a sharp sense of humour though. I like jokes that can get my ribs cracked, it’s why I prefer Trevor Noah all the time. Besides this, I spend much of my time playing and dancing to music.

I am really into the new amapiano and its what we always play at our pool parties. I hope you like it.Guess today is your lucky today. You just found me before I actually chose a man. You got to throw your dice in there by joining SATESPACE and texting me while I haven’t picked anyone yet.

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I am only waiting for two guys to text me and I will just choose one of them. I won’t take much time on SATESPACE because I am a busy woman and I am actually preparing for a flight. I want you to text me so I can give you my WhatsApp number and we can talk on WhatsApp ASAP.

I will tell you the things that I desire in a man.

Hygiene- You really have to fall in love with that shower if you are going to stay with me for the long. I bath about three times on a busy day, but twice when I am not really that busy. I want you to be cool with the same thing and copy me.

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Respect- Besides the fact that you will be the man of the house, I still expect some level of respect from you all the time. You serve me respect and I will do the same. It’s a deal between us.

Time for us to talk more privately:

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342
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