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Straight away, is like to tell the things that get me high about men. If you are on the other side of the coin, you can still try your luck. On the other hand, if you presses any of these things, just joined that you have won already. No need to doubt anymore. This is only true if you act quick enough. Many men hesitate to join SATESPACE and that’s how they lose.

I need you to be a boss and a boyfriend at the same time. Both will benefit you and me. You will be a boss at my new company which I just started. It’s worthy millions and in a short time you will be a millionaire too.

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The company is basically about buying and selling which means you can easily run it in your okay. If you need some help I will help you. On the other hand you will also be my man.


For you to run a successful business, I need to have at least secondary education. Someone with a fair brain power. You can still try if you don’t. Those looks may play a hand.


You gotta be the boss type. I want to see you fly high like the King you are. The boss mentality includes confidence and high self-esteem. For you to win my heart and my company, you need this.

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This is the most important part so I will make sure I only give my number to the one who makes the effort to get it. I mean the first person who gives me a comment on SATESPACE. To be the first, sign up using the button:

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Last point, I prefer replying to guys who have their pictures on their profile.

My Whatsapp Number – +27 84 123 875

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