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I am a proud South African woman living in Limpopo and has been living in Limpopo for the most part of my life .I am a simple person with a taste of good things in life though .I am kind of an optimistic person that is what has kept me going .I have had serious relationships before till I was just tired of it ,you know how people do when they know you are rich and all ,they act all kind of cool with you and then stab you later .That is how it is .

I have had many ups and downs in life and business too but that didn’t stop me and it won’t now .Well ,currently I am back on my previous net worth and level and I even wish to succeed more ,I never get enough of it .  I focus on one kind of business as of now but would like to expand even more into other fields and potential markets .

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I am looking for a man aged between 20 and 30 ,I think that is the age when a man is in his prime and most energetic enough and obviously that is the age when everybody else still has life in them considering the life expectancy .Age is of paramount importance to me that is why I have reached out in this way because I am failing to find a most suitable guy .

In terms of personal attributes and characteristics ,I am looking for a guy who is the exact opposite of me in terms of character but also who has some good personal attributes which I lack .I want a man who has a sixth sense of fun and imagination .In that way our union is guaranteed as we will have some good times to ourselves and some good memories .

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