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First things first, my name is Stabile Mkhambeni. I stay in Pretoria and I’m Zulu by birth. Don’t worry yourself much, this doesn’t set me apart from most people except maybe for the beauty and exceptional body structure. Otherwise I smile and cry like everyone else you see on the street. Maybe the difference comes in the fact that I don’t actually just love everyone I come across. Most times I prefer being alone because people annoy me to the born.

I want a Zulu guy. All my life I have spent it with Zulu people and I’d firmly say they are there only tribe I really know much about. Everyone else doesn’t seem understandable to me. New culture whether Indian or Chinese is just difficult to learn and I just prefer to stay with mine. Us we do what we want. There’s no limits and obligations when it comes to us, it’s your life and you do whatever you want with it.

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Dark skin is my weakness. If you are light you can still text me though, it’s possible to win me. What I can’t take for a boyfriend is someone colored. Nothing personal against these people but I need people who I really know fundamentally in my life. It won’t help to spend about three months building a relationship which will be destroyed in a few days simply because your relatives couldn’t settle for my Zulu personality.

The last time I will say is that I don’t want a hot that smokes. Even if he’s Zulu it’s still a big no. I have never tried smoking but I drink though. The weird thing is I don’t even care what kind of beer. As long as it tastes nice then being it here. I would really be happy to take someone that stinks of cigarettes.

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Don’t rush to text me before creating a good profile with a hint of how you look. I will respond if your profile is sweet enough for me.

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