Single Date with Nadia, 38, Johannesburg- Any single male out there? I am tired of being alone.

Single Men

General Information about Nadia   – Single Date                                    

I like single date – I am a dog addict. The difference is that I only like the Chihuahua breed. I like them because they are easy to feed and they have a strong immune system which keeps them from getting sick so easily. I started out with one but now I already have four. Sometimes I want to sell them but heart just doesn’t agree even though they are becoming too many.

Dress code

I like dressing myself in purple. Honestly, I care more about the colour than I care about the type of clothes I am wearing. I could be wearing nice heels and some purple lousy t-shirts on top of that and people get confused trying to figure what exactly I am trying to portray. I guess they just have to kind their business.

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What I think about relationships this single date

I agree with most women on the fact that every strong relationship is built on trust and nothing can come out without it. However, I am also a firm believer that trust isn’t everything. For me loyalty is quite a deal too. If you are not loyal then the relationship is just but a word. People should stay loyal to each other and that’s my ideal type of relationship.

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My key skills

One of my key skills is singing. I am a good singer and I will sing for you our first call so you can have an idea what I am talking about. I have also gained a skill in dancing and every time I go out, men can’t take their eyes off me. The other thing I am good at s fashion and design. I will design your clothes if you let me. We are going to look good together.

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