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Hey there l am a Latest single lady looking for love and you can get my Whatsapp number at the end of this post. My name is Etta and I am twenty five years old. However I am looking for a guy who is five to eight years older than me. My belief is that someone of that age will be more mature than me. Therefore someone who has a slight age difference with me won’t do. There will be a lot of misunderstandings and disrespect.

I am a fun and loving person although some say I am talkative. This is because I am used to my marketing business so am talkative in a good way. Looking for fun because I am not yet ready to start a serious relationship. But if you prove to be real maybe we can work something out.

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I just want someone who knows people have differences too. The myth that anything can be worked out if two people fall in love has disappointed many. It has led many people into ill-suited relationships. I want a man who does not have high expectations. Since I agree I am not perfect he may be disappointed later.

Furthermore l am looking for a caring man to give me love and take good care of me. A man with good qualities and also works hard.  Therefore a man who gives me time and understands how l feel. Also one who respects me and my personality as well? Furthermore a man with good qualities which brings directions

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If you want a lady who promises to love you and respect you as well as protecting you. Moreover as a good partner who will understand you and support you in everything you do or need. Again a loyal and honest lady, get my contact details below.

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