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Most guys just talk to they sugar moms online and things end there. The good thing about me is that we will actually get to meet in just a short period of time. I don’t care where you are, whether your are here in Africa or you are somewhere overseas, I can get you to come here and stay with me. What I want you do to right now is to text me before it’s too late and I get taken by someone else.

I can get you from wherever you are because I’m rich. As a rich woman, I can get whatever I want. I also want you to reach a stage where you can just get whatever you set your mind to. I will make you almost as rich as I am. The best way this can work best is if you really stay by my side.

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Many men make a mistake of leaving before they make the most out of our relationship. Stay with me. Stay.

1. I only take dark guys. As you might have seen on my pictures, I am all light. Because of that, I just thought I’d do better when someone a little darker than I am. On the other hand, I’m sure you are dark enough for me anyway.

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2. I don’t like older men. Older men are too controlling and I just want someone younger than me. I know you will be less controlling and that’s why is pick you among all the people.

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