Single Baby Mama -Nontsikelelo – Humble and Lovely – Can we date from home – Will exchange photos – and make you great.

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Being Single Baby Mama is hard and boring as well. Since the lock down I never received a proposal. I would prefer to date you if you can. Thank you for coming here, I am very shy to chat on Facebook or Whatsapp that’s why I directed you here. Let’s plan and come out in love fast.

I am Nontsikelelo  A Single Baby Mama Looking for those boys who say life is over I can’t even buy a sweet. I need the poorest of them all to date. You will just come with those clothes and I go with you to a boutique to buy new clothes. After that I would prefer you to choose the best of them.

I have 3 boutiques and 9 saloons so you will choose from our shops for free. I will shave you a best hair cut as well. In addition you will be the best of them and driving a best car also.

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This is the moment which all boys are looking at. They need my Whatsapp number so I have to be strict and make sure I share with someone who is serious. For now we should chat using the platform SATESPACE before we move to Whatsapp. View my account on SATESPACE so that we can chat and exchange numbers

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You can meet And Chat then get Whatsapp Number >>>>> Please Use the button Below to Join SATESPACE

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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is +27 61 633 9476

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After clicking please make sure we match. For us to match you have to adhere to these rules before we go any further.

  • Please use the correct name so that I believe that you are very honest to me. And as well I can make my own trace to see if you are not dating anyone.
  • You should post you profile picture and cover photo I would love to make sure that you have the best photos and enjoy with you.
  • Finaly my account is visible to anyone who has 3 or more photos. If you do not have please post so that you can search and meet me.
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In conclusion please make sure that we chat before the end of the lock down. So that soo after lock down we will meet with Single Baby Mama

I have grocery for you even if you do no love me I can send a delivery to you home. Please comment below if you can like it. I need you for life. You mean a lot for me.

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