Natsha (44) Single Sugar Mama From Jo Burg Who Has Business Is choosing Ben 10s From Your Area give her your Number

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Hi I am Natasha  , A Divorced Sugar Mama staying with one child in Johannesburg. I am here to choose a ben 10. I am a church goer plus Single mother. My Husband left me because I was poor. I worked hard and I bought a Small tuck-shop.

l am a lady with self-respect, l like hanging out with friends for braai socializing. However l don’t drink beer. l love kids so much that’s why l am an educator. Above all l like cooking and spending time with

Now I am an owner of a Big super market. I have few cars plus 9 taxes. My child is too small I can’t give her anything.

What type of A Ben 10 I am looking for?

Firstly I am looking for a Ben 10 who is Handsome, someone who has sober habits. Motherly, loving and God fearing woman. Time is too precious to spend carelessly, need quality time with those close to me. Loves travelling, spend time helping the aggrieved, bereaved and family counselling during my spare time.

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Happiness, to love and be loved in whatever situation. God fearing person. One who values and respect my culture and morals. Good personality and average height and body. Everyone is unique by nature organized, tolerating and good behavior. Travel & house boat, a golfer will be a plus. Clean shoven. I easily adapt to change. It takes two tangle i. e. we agree about residence.

How to get my Whatsapp Number?

I have my private Number So I need to share to the number to someone who is willing to stay with Me.

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