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Thank you for Posting Me -I am a rich Single Mother Staying With My daughter In Bryanston R55 000 000 Manchon.

Are You Looking for A rich Sugar Mummy, I am Here for you – Tell Me you problems I can Cover you.

Are you Looking for Cash to go to School, do you want to take care of your family or start a business, Please just Love me and in one month you will See That I am Serious..

How do you Know That I am Not fake?

Firstly ask Any amount you want I can Send you Instantly, Secondly Ask any photo I can send You And you see what you Want. If you think I don’t own House Tell Me where you are I drive and I pick you then You come inside My 23 roomed house and See. I am really serious Not fake.

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How much riches do I have?

Firstly I have 6 Supermarkets, One In Cape Town – 3 In Pretoria then 1 In Joburg. I have 19 taxes As well As 3 Ranger Rover discoveries- 2 Nissan Navara And 1 Ford Everest. My Former Boyfriend Was driving Toyota Fortuner Now I am Happy you will choose the one you want

On top of the Above I can hire A private Jet to Any place I want And I can go with You- I am yours for Life Please Choose Me Please

How to get Rich Single Mother contacts?

It very easy to Meet me and We date for free I can Pay you – Myself I need an Honest Guy Who need to Settle. The Guy Must me Serious with Love – You choose What you Want if you Need to go For HIV testing we can go

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Choose As well if you need A condom or Not Its Up to You- I also need A Baby Boy With you Since you are my personal Husband And I have only 1 girl


If you follow these Rules You will Automatically get Me – Thank You Sweetie I need You My Love

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