Lorrah (35), Nothern Cape- “I can’t quit SATESPACE even though it ruined my marriage. Join me as my Ben 10”

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Brief history

I joined SATESPACE soon after it was built. Ever since, things have never been the same. U got to meet new Ben 10 African guys and we had so much fun. Finally I had something worthy to spend my money on. My husband started getting jealous even though he was never home.

The fact that he was abusive made me continue when my SATESPACE relationship. I got to meet my Ben 10 after about two weeks of video calls and we enjoyed our time together. After I made him rich and helped him start business, he got married to someone else and moved on.

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You could do the same if you want. You could move on with your life after I make you rich and get married to someone else younger. It’s all up to you. It’s also your choice to stay with me because I am willing to do the same. Money isn’t a problem. There’s so much of it still coming.

After texting each other for one or two weeks, I will buy you a flying ticket off you want. If you want to keep everything online then we can do that too. What I want is for us to meet and stay together for a while. I can give you enough money to send to your family is need be. I can.

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What to expect

-Lates phones and computers Everytime they’re are released

-New car every time you get bored of your old one

-Tuition if you or any of your friends need it.

-A six figure job of your choice

-Strong and international popularity

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