Johannesburg – Single mum looking for an energetic man to free me from being sad

Single Men

Hie there if you are on this page looking for a Johannesburg – Single mum, here is the perfect one for you. I am here looking for love too, be my lucky guy. My name is Pamela and I am a thirty three year old woman. However l live Durban and I am a divorced with one child.

Furthermore I am here because I want to build a serious relationship. I am a non-violent man who speaks softly to a man. Most of all, I am loyal, I have no side relationships. More so I am working class. Won’t you want someone who has an income, for cooperation in the house?

What I am looking for a As A Johannesburg – Single mum

However no one is perfect but l need someone who tries to be. Therefore I do not mind about how you look, what amount of money you earn or what you have. However what I really care about is how you would feel towards me. My age preference ranges from a man who three to five years older than me.

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Furthermore I want a man who is a good communicator. I don’t mean someone who will text me all day but someone who updates me. Open communication that occurs tactfully is essential. A healthy relationship flourishes when communication is clear.

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How to reach rich single mum

If you need a Johannesburg – Single mum that promises to love and to take care of you. One that will give you all the respect you need. A lady that will show you loyalty and trustworthy. Well then get my contact details below.

If you are serious with dating me, you can send a message on my whatsapp number. Also consider if you really match the above mentioned.

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