Esinah (Sugar mom), 35, Northern Cape -I will give you my WhatsApp number as soon as you text me on SATESPACE.

Single Men


I am a typical Zulu woman with the body of an eighteen year old. My eyes are lightly blue and I have dimples on bot my checks. I open happen to be hairy but only on my legs. What annoys me most about my appearance are these stretch marks at the back of my legs and on my upper thighs. About my hair, well, it’s just the typical African nappy hair.

Dress code

I know you expect me to say formal but that’s not really the way I prefer to dress myself most of the time. I feel much more comfortable in casual clothes and this is how I have always been keeping it all along. Depending on the occasion, sometimes I like to mix the two. I can wear ripped jeans on heels and travel to town with that. When you are rich, everything you do becomes a new trend.

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My past relationships

My past relationships ended because I just don’t trust easily. They were always filled with arguments and I blame myself. I think that was because I wasn’t rich yet. Now that I got the paper, my relationships won’t be as painful as they used to be. I have never dated a Ben 10 before and you are going to be my first one. I hope you will give me soothing to remember.

                                                                I AM READY TO TALK TO YOU

We can start talking right now on SATESPACE because I am more than ready for that. I want you to sign up on SATESPACE using the button below. Your account should look real and it should have you on the profile picture. That’s how you convince me that you are real:

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Creating a SATESPACE account takes less than a minute if you have fast Wi-Fi. After creating an account please upload your pictures for me to see how you look. After this you can text me and I will give you my WhatsApp number.

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