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Hello there, my name is Keletso Manzi l am a Durban Single Lady and I am thirty nine years old.  I live in Durban here in South Africa and also work here too. However l own a sewing Company which brings a lot of income for me to survive. Also l run this company with my three sisters but l am the founder and l own most of the share.

More so I have a private university I build few years ago with the help of my family. Therefore l have been dating before. However the relationships they didn’t work for me.

In addition now  l want man who is serious and ready to start a life with me. I have tried many dating sites like QUEEN MIXES hoping to find true love and some social media platforms but it didn’t work for me.

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What type of a man I am looking for On this platform  

 Therefore l want someone who is mature man and faithful. However a man whose age ranges from twenty five years and above.  Someone who is responsible one who cares about how to make it in life and protecting his family. A man who improves his health and goes for a gym for physical fitness.

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One who is ready to have a family and start a family with me? Someone who creates time for me and makes me feel special always.  Someone who is non-violent man who is peaceful always. I want a good man who is serious with me and loves me with all his heart not because of who l am or what l have.

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Durban Single Lady promises when you choose me

However as a Durban Single Lady I will give you love and all the respect you need. Furthermore l will give you all my attention. More so I will respect your decisions and will be patient with you as we get to know each other. Also will go for vacations together and have fun. However l will take care of you even when you need me as your partner. More so l will be very faithful to you as my husband. Besides the above l will be committed to you and be a honesty wife to her husband.

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