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I’m a woman that likes traveling. I’m the past few years, I have visited almost had if the world without even going broke. For me it’s like the more I use the money, the more I get more money. I am crazy rich and I just have a lot to spare. My house still feels empty though if I don’t have you close to me. I have a swimming pool in my yard and basketball courts but some it’s just boring.

My main mansion is in Pretoria but I’m just starting here because it’s where I grew up and went to school. I’m saying in the area because currently I feel lonely and I’m in search for the live of my heart. I’m my real home, I even have an indoor bottle canteen where we can both drink all the time and enjoy. Not to mention that there is a huge swimming pool there for us to swim together.

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Because I’m rich, my attention may be expensive to get. If you are not my type, I won’t really give you my WhatsApp number unless maybe if you persist and the to persuade me hard enough. The fact is I already know that you are my type and I want to b be with you so don’t hesitate. Here is what turns me on about you:

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Your height: I’m in love with the fact that you are taller than me

Your looks: Fantastic looks will get me failing to keep my hands to myself

Skin: Honestly I won’t let the smooth skin feel in love with someone else.

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