Buhle (36), Pretoria- Comment on my SATESPACE with your number and I will reply instantly. I will make you very rich if you become my Ben 10. Get SA sugar moms for online dating.

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I have never been known for false promises

 The truth is I have no idea what it is that you expect from me. Because of this, I will try to write down a few things for you. Keep in mind that there is actually more you can get from me. I am writing a few just so that I can save time and get back to the beach.

Full tuition: Just in case you are still pursuing your education, don’t worry, I got that area covered for you my new one. You will never have to think about school fees or anything related to it. For the first time, you have used your internet wisely. Its your turn to shine now.

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Rentals and monthly groceries: Weather you stay with your mom or your girlfriend, I will provide rent for as long as you stay mine. If you are staying in your own house then we can use the money for something else right? After all, you wont have to stay in the house any longer because I will be taking you to stay with me. I want you around all the time and I wont let you stay away.

Car: I have been waiting to type this one, just to make you smile. If you already have one then I will definitely give you a better one. If you already have a better one then then I will buy you two of those better ones. One for your brother or anyone you are close to

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There is more:  Like I said, I am only saying these because I believe that’s what most Ben 10s want. You can get a lot more from me. Even your own apartment.

Come get what you deserve

How to get what I promised? Well, talk to me. How to talk to me? Umm, by joining SATESPACE and commenting on my profile with your number of course:

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I cant promise that I will always reply a message. But if you have a legitimate profile then I will. I really wanna see your face on your profile.

The other thing is to get super active on the site. Interact with other users and share stuff that you like. Post Pictures and videos and I will easily notice that you exist.

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