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What my friends know me for

To be honest, I’m not a very popular person except maybe on SATESPACE. This is because I’ve been looking for a guy since I was seventeen. I didn’t get any because the guys there are serious and they only want marriage, they don’t play. Anyway, back to my story: I’m very known for my outstanding beauty. The good looks always gets guys fighting for me at school. People starting proposing to me with I was still young because I’m colored and I have a bigger body.

Moslem is my religion but I’m not that deeply into it. I still walk without converting my face. The problem is I still don’t understand why people can be so deep into a religion. Truth is I’m not an atheist but I believe there’s a room to study things before you get too deeply into them. I’m still young and there’s not too this life than religion.

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On the other hand, I have to admit that I’m an insecure person. My heart has been broken before and since then it hasn’t been easy for me to trust anyone. I don’t just gal in love biggie we talk and I get to know really well who you are. A look into your eyes can tell me a lot of things about you. Guess let work their loss but their word allowance say the truth. That I was taught by someone special

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I only have a few promises

Firstly, I’ll promise you my true love. If I’m not interested in you I won’t even reply your SATESPACE message, that I swear. If I reply it means I’m already interested and I want a future. I’m someone that loves without limits. You are not supposed to be insecure about me because I’m not the type to break your heart unless maybe if I suspect that you are trying to break mine

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This site is called SATESPACE. It’s safe for both me and you. Create a nice profile with your picture on it. After a week or longer, with frequent visits, I’ll see how serious you are and I will reply you.

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