A sugar mom, Belinda (35), Durban- “You are not supposed to be broke when I am here, I am ready to send you my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE”.

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About me and my money

I don’t like emotional things like most sugar moms on SATESPACE. The thing is I just like to be happy all the time. My happiness is partly because I’d my success. I have managed to make all my dreams come true in my life. Up to now, I have been building myself everything I want. My mansion is the best in my area and people feel jealous sometimes. Talking about my car, it’s also unique and expensive.

Apart from the mansions, I also don’t drink cheap one. My whole had to be at least fine hundred dollars. I don’t just drink anything and that’s how you know I’m expensive. You wanna be expensive too, join me. I can raise your level and you can be high up there. I vane my relationships and I like to see my man making it in life. You will have exactly what I have in just a matter of time. Stay faithful and see.

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I don’t expect much from you but your loyalty. Loyalty can’t be bought from anyone so I won’t be trying to buy it from you. This doesn’t mean I am not going to reward one when I notice it in you. I can give you anything just based on the grounds today you stayed loyal to me. As my Ben 10, you will be driving the same to of car I drive, drinking the same wine I drink, sleeping in the same queen bed I sleep in. What’s move will be yours I promise.

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