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Are you tired of thin girl without money? Look no further I am here the Big Single Baby Mama. I didn’t know today could be your lucky day, meet someone like me. I am a smart single lady you can date. My name is  Ntee and I am thirty eight years old. KwaZulu-Natal is where I am based. Below are all my details and I hope you are going to enjoy with me a lot

In addition to the above, I spend most of my time at work. Therefore I am someone who communicates with you on the phone when am not home. However I make sure I will respond your texts promptly. I just want to be a woman that takes care to reply to your messages. That’s at least another sign you I will be interested in you.

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What do I expect from this relationship

 Therefore I want someone with a big heart who loves me despite of my conditions. Also l am looking for someone who is real. A man who is responsible and trustworthy. More so a man who respects me as his partner. Above all a man who is looking for a serious relationship too. My age preference is someone who is two to four years older.

As a Big Single Baby Mama In my heart I have space for love and one king who you is. I hope that soon I will meet you my king who am going to be happy with. I am happy for a relationship but a serious one only.

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What to expect if you date the best person in the world

However l will be very kind and friendly to you and make you comfortable in any ways. And also l will provide a good life for you with all I have and all I can. More so will give you unconditional and everlasting love. More so l will make sure that l fulfill your wishes, let me be your heaven sent. However l am very easy to get along with.

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