Johannesburg Single Mum -46 –Charity- Can I get A man who will make a unique for the first time

South Africa Sugar Mummy

Hi there, get singles on whatsapp, my name is Memory, you can call me Charity. I am a Johannesburg Single Mum from Cape Town South Africa and I am looking for someone around my location too. I am twenty three years old but my level of maturity is far more than my age. However I have a beautiful kid who is two years old.

However I am someone who has realistic views of love. It’s not bad to think of our relationship as that of Romeo and Juliet or any other movies. Many people think that this idea is simply not realistic. But I believe if we are committed we will reach that level. Furthermore I am ready to face everything if you need a Johannesburg Single Mum

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The Best man I know will make me a unique wife

I prefer a man whose age ranges from twenty five to thirty years old. Someone who will accept me and my child. A man who is peaceful and knows how to treat women well. One who promises not to raise his hand at me any day? Furthermore I chose my location because I don’t like long distance relationships.

Furthermore I want a man that makes a difference in my life. A man that can give me the vest of himself and that has things clear. Most of all a man who wants to be part of my life and wants to know me completely.

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How to get Johannesburg Single Mum Whatsapp Number

Did you know you can get my direct Whatsapp number? Just follow these simple steps which leads you to SATESPACE. Because of privacy, I put my details on SATESPACE. Click the link below and join now to get my whatsapp number. I didn’t want many guys texting me.

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is +27 61 633 9476

So if you are serious and if you are okay with the above mentioned, send me a message. My Whatsapp number is on SATESPACE.

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